The Orangutan Conservancy and Kids Canopy are happy to partner with the Orangutan Kutai Project and Sintang Orangutan Center to offer virtual adoptions to all those who wish to help aid in the conservation of individual orangutans.

The Orangutan Kutai Project is an organization located within the Kutai National Park in E. Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia. OKP was launched in 2009 as a long-term science-for-conservation project on the conservation of Kutai’s morio orangutans.

OKP’s project was created with two goals in mind:

  • Improving knowledge of morio orangutans
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of morio conservation efforts in and around the park

The adoptable orangutans at the OKP site are all wild orangutans that live within the Kutai National Park.

Classroom Adoption

The Orangutan Conservancy & Kids Canopy are excited to offer classroom adoptions for schools interested in learning more about orangutan conservation.

Included in Classroom Adoptions:

  • Classroom Adoption Certificate
  • Photos of the adopted orangutan
  • Info sheet on adopted orangutan
  • Orangutan & Rainforest activity packets