Orangutan Facts Worksheet

Directions: Go to our main page (kids.orangutan.com). At the top, click on the section entitled “Orangutan Facts”. Click on and read each of the sections to learn about orangutans. After reading, download and complete the worksheet below.  

Orangutan Conservancy Word Scramble

Directions: The words in this activity are words related to orangutans, their lives, and their habitat. Unscramble each of the words and write them on the line below each of the scrambled words.

We recommend doing this activity after completing the OC Facts Worksheet. We also recommend downloading and reading the OC Vocabulary sheet below to brush up on key orangutan terms to help unscramble the words!

Orangutan Conservancy Word Search

Directions: Using the word bank at the bottom of the page, find the hidden words in the word search box. The hidden word can be positioned in all directions, horizontally, vertically and diagonally, but is always on one straight line.