Illegal Pet Trade

A scared orphan orangutan that has been captured to be sold in the illegal pet trade.

The illegal pet trade of baby orangutans continues to thrive, even though it is illegal. Hundreds of baby orangutans are taken from the wild from the pet trade every year. This is done by killing the orangutan mother and taking the baby. It is estimated by researchers that 4 to 5 orangutans for every baby reaching the illegal pet trade market. The kidnapped baby orangutans can die easily as a result of injury from falling several hundred feet down to the forest floor after their mother was shot. They can also die from the trauma of seeing their mother killed. The babies can also contract diseases from humans and get deathly ill, as orangutans can contract all human disease. The baby orangutans are also extremely weak to the bad conditions that they are kept in after they are captured.

Even though baby orangutans are very cute, they make terrible pets. All wild animals quickly outgrow being dependent, cuddly babies. They will then grow into dangerous and strong adults. Orangutans are completely unsuitable as pets and the illegal pet trade of these animals needs to be stopped.